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BCS 2016
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Celia Collett, Chairman of the Village Stores, has asked for the following statement to be put on the Brightwell Website:

'Due to the great interest shown at the recent village meeting to discuss the future of the Post Office Service in the village., the shopManagement Committee would like to remind all villagers that they can have a vote if they are members of the Village Community Shop.

We would like you to take up this opportunity because early in the New Year we will be delivering a voting form to all members. Also, theshop is run for community benefit and which ever way the vote goes we want to ensure that as many members as possible are involved in ensuring the shop has a sustainable future for all of us to enjoy.

To become a member all you need to do is give a minimum donation of £1, this entitles you to one vote per household. We need your name, address plus e-mail address (only to be used by the shop), we will then issue you a membership certificate. Apply in the shop or e-mailbrightwellshop@btconnect.com'


Garry McCracken said...

New Plans for Village Store
Dear Members of the committee,
Thank you for the leaflet you have distributed to the shop members about the Extraordinary General Meeting. However on reading it I am puzzled about the lack of financial information included. You quote the projected amount of income the shop expects to get, (presumably this is from the commission on the Post Office sales) but you do not state what annual expenditure you expect. Surely what is required is a proper business plan before the shop members can take such an important decision?

I feel that it is unseemly haste to rush the decision through when you have only allowed the minimum time to the EGM meeting and that you propose not to consider questions at the meeting. Why will questions not be considered?

Garry McCracken

editor@bcs said...

Meeting will now start at 7 pm to give members a chance to debate the issues.

editor@bcs said...

Celia Collett, Village Stores, chair, has replied:

Dear Garry,

Thank you for your questions, we can assure you that there is no additional annual expenditure directly attributable to the post office as all the stock required for the service is provided by the post office, at no cost to the shop. The stock always belongs to the post office and is replenished as required. If the shop decides to stock additional items such as stationery, upon which there is a very good mark-up, then this would of course be at a cost, as would any other shop stock.

We confirm that the income referred to is commission on Post Office services provided.

Regarding a business plan; we were required to produce a three year business plan and to provide three years previous accounts as part of the application last year. These were then inspected by the Post Office financial department. We were only invited to interview on the grounds that the application and the financial information was sound. At interview this soundness was checked further before the contract was offered.

Kind regards,
Celia Collett