BCS 2016

BCS 2016
Wassailing - January 2016

Monday, 23 April 2012


When we first launched the revamped website, well over a year ago now, we had lots of grand ideas. One – inspired by initiatives from Sustainable Wallingford, and Brightwell's own environment group – was to create a Green Page. Sadly, this is still a twinkle in the eye – but perhaps the time has come to revive it.

One place to start would be food. Spring cleaning the website files turned up this wonderful orchard scene, sent to us by beekeepers Viv and Steve Moll. Brightwell Vineyard have also given us pictures – and the briefest visit to the Village Stores is a reminder that there are many other local producers out there.

So.... can we have more photos from local producers, please, to encourage everyone to buy local? You can send them direct to me at sally.dugan@gmail.com

Friday, 13 April 2012


If you ever doubted the length of the arm of Brightwell website, this photo of Brightwell School pupils in 1967 should prove you wrong. It was sent to us by Amanda Doster (formerly Lane)  – and, thanks to  Paul Vaisey and Paul Taylor, we have now managed to fill in all the missing names.

If you were part of the class of 1967, perhaps you would like to check to see if you agree?

Back row l-r : Hatty Rickards, Ian Tame, Caroline Shears, Martin Dudley, Lindsey Saunders, Robert Saunders, Amanda Lane, Gary Aked, Hazel Jones, Paul Bond, Ginny Newman, Paul Dudley and Susan West.

Middle row l-r: Vincent Bland, Diana Owen, Diane Greenough, Laura Brown, Karen Bland, Mrs Moore, Rowena Ansell, Wendy Turley, Rachel Shuttler, Sarah Humphreys, Paul Taylor

Front row l-r : Guy Higgins, Steven Groom, Timothy Pocock, Paul Watkins?, Thomas Martin, Francis Thorn, Simon Flowers, Paul Vaisey, Mark Whichello, Simon Miles

The teacher's name, according to Paul Taylor, was Mrs Moore. Amanda Lane also remembers that the school secretary was Mrs Munday, who lived in a house at Wellsprings and had a large collection of antique dolls.