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BCS 2016
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Friday, 21 October 2011


Alison Bloomfield sent us these pictures and a report from Apple Pressing Day at the Red Lion:

She writes: 

 Another great day at the Red Lion with the garden overflowing with apples.  This year the now annual (?) event had a twist.  It was the first time the Village Apple Press was in action.  Robert Field and Doug Miles, with their trusty team, spent the whole day pressing hundreds and hundreds of apples of all varieties and flavours.  The kids joined in, lobbing apples into the huge crusher and everyone enjoyed dipping a cup into the juice as it flowed from the press.

People brought their own apples, in carrier bags and even wheelbarrows, to see them made into wonderful juice.  Visitors without either apples or bottles, were amazed that they could taste apples and juice and take some home and everything was free!  Nonetheless, everyone was very generous with donations for the upkeep of the press and an amazing £215 was collected for the church extension fund.

The aim of this fun, but low key day, was to continue to enthuse people about the fantastic range of apples in the village.  Now that people have seen how easy the press is to use and how much fun it is making juice, we are sure that there will be a rush of  bookings to hire the press.  Contact Robert Field - 01491 836275 - robertfield@aol.com- to make a booking.  It is just £25 which includes all the equipment you will need except bottles and caps which you will need to supply yourself - www.vigopresses.co.uk.

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Anonymous said...

It really was a great day, I am very upset that I have finished my apple juice and having to drink the bought stuff again - not nearly so good.

Sue at Red Lion